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Pura Cooker Hood, The Centerpiece of your Kitchen

Nowadays, open-plan living spaces are more common than smaller, closed-off rooms. Because of their capacity to accommodate almost any occasion, open-plan living room designs are a feature of modern homes.

Our houses need to be more fluid than ever before, and the living room ideas you choose play a huge part in that. After all, you need to design a room and a kitchen that works for the entire family in various settings.

Pura, sản phẩm máy hút mùi đảo đặc biệt nhất được treo ở giữa bếp của căn hộ cao tầng. Bức ảnh nổi bật phong cách và vẻ đẹp của máy hút mùi Pura đã đem lại cho căn bếp.

In keeping with this trend, Adriano Design has designed the Pura, a kitchen hood made for Fabita, an excellent example of functional and formal innovation. Pura’s advanced technology makes it a silent and efficient extractor for dealing with strong cooking odors and grease-laden air that might linger throughout the house.

Pura stands out among kitchen hoods due to its 360-degree filtering technology, which provides all-around suction for stronger and more effective air purification. Five filters cover Pura’s cubical form, uplifting its design whether suspended over an island or hung on the wall. It’s a beautiful creation with nodes, extrusions, and panels that allow it to fit into any environment.

Pura 2

The progressive technology applied to Pura makes it a quiet and efficient extractor to deal with strong cooking odors and grease laden air, that can dawdle throughout the house. A unique blend of technology and style, it is an immaculate creation provided with nodes, extrusions, and panels that allow it to be fitted in any space.


Pura’s uniqueness extends with its customization for each customer! Beautiful, flexible, efficient, and able to meet the design requirements of each house. The work conducted by Adriano Design along with the research and development center of Fabita in Italy has led to the development of an innovative hood, not only from the aesthetic, and functional point of view but also, from its technical capabilities. This hood is a fine example of Adriano’s ability to redesign everything in a different and better way. It flaunts the Italian spirit with ingenuity, design, and technology.