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Live the Future of the Kitchen

Velacucina stands as a dynamic powerhouse propelling a revolution in kitchen innovation. Their unyielding dedication to reshaping the kitchen appliances’ landscape has ignited a paradigm shift that fundamentally transforms the way passionate cooks and homeowners engage with their kitchens. With an unwavering commitment to nurturing creativity, Velacucina proudly unveils an extraordinary array of kitchen appliances poised to redefine the very essence of cooking.

Invisible Induction - Bếp tàng hình - Velacucina
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Pushing Kitchen Technology Boundaries

What sets Velacucina apart is not merely their relentless pursuit of excellence, but also their Research and Development (R&D) facility. Fueled by boundless creativity, their team of experts tirelessly explores the cutting edge of design and functionality, pushing the boundaries of kitchen technology. Within their state-of-the-art R&D hub, revolutionary solutions take shape, establishing new standards for culinary brilliance.

The Invisible Induction Revolution

At the heart of Velacucina’s innovation lies their star product – the groundbreaking invisible induction solution. This revolutionary technology doesn’t just seamlessly integrate into contemporary kitchen designs; it redefines the very concept of functionality. Imagine a surface that not only aids in cooking but becomes the epicenter of your kitchen’s operations. With Velacucina’s invisible induction solution, barriers and limitations are dismantled, allowing for an uninterrupted flow that transcends traditional cooking phases. From effortless preparation to seamless cooking, elegant serving, and even innovative features like chilling wines and wirelessly charging devices, this unique surface becomes a multi-functional masterpiece.

Bếp tàng hình
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Vanguard of Culinary Greatness

However, Velacucina’s impact goes beyond their product range. Their R&D team stands as the vanguard in their pursuit of culinary greatness, tirelessly exploring new horizons and customizations to cater to diverse needs.