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Excellence since 1968

Innovative Excellence in Italian Kitchen Design Since 1968
Barazza, a renowned name in the world of kitchen appliances, epitomises the fusion of high performance and advanced design. Founded in 1968 by the Barazza family, this Italian brand has become synonymous with innovative kitchen solutions, combining over fifty years of expertise with a deep-rooted family tradition in crafting stainless steel. Barazza’s journey, starting from Santa Lucia di Piave in the Inox Valley district, reflects its commitment to creating products that are not just appliances but symbols of Italian design and culture.

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A Tradition of Quality 
and Customization

Barazza excels in designing and manufacturing exclusive stainless steel hobs, sinks, ovens, and a range of kitchen accessories that showcase the finesse of Italian design. Their products are tailored to meet the demands of consumers who seek creativity and expression in their kitchens. Each Barazza product, made from high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel or AISI 316,, stands out for its durability, hygiene, and sustainability, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to ecological responsibility and exceptional craftsmanship.

Personalized Solutions for Modern Kitchens

Barazza’s ability to provide cutting-edge solutions is evident in its vast range of products, which includes innovative cooker hoods, induction hobs, sinks, and accessorised channels. The brand’s Made-to-Measure program is a testament to their dedication to customization, offering clients personalised stainless steel worktops for a unique kitchen experience. This approach allows each customer to transform their kitchen into a creative laboratory, reflecting their style and functional needs.

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Shaping the Future of Kitchen Design on a Global Scale

As Barazza strides into the future, it carries with it not just a legacy of Italian craftsmanship, but also a vision that transcends geographical boundaries. The brand’s influence has flourished globally, reaching over 50 countries, a testament to its universal appeal and adaptability in various cultural contexts. Barazza’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric design continues to drive its expansion, setting new trends and raising standards in kitchen design worldwide.