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space design

italian interior designs at the
heart of your home

A combination of the finest Italian and Vietnamese artistry

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Redefining Luxury

Upscale’s philosophy is to imbue each new space with our client’s essence, designing functional, beautiful spaces that truly speak to who you are and elevate every aspect of your life.

Combining luxury with our passion for innovation, we create unique spaces that ooze sophistication and elegance, connecting who you are to how you live – effortlessly, elegantly, and eloquently.

Splendor and
Innovation at play

Over thirty years of experience in luxury design has enabled our Design Hub team to find the perfect balance between old and new, innovation and finesse, classic designs and modern comfort. A regal treatment is

Our designers are available to you free of charge and with no obligation, simply fill in the form with your details, choose the timing best suitable for you and we will contact you shortly.

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