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Ordine, the most revolutionary cooking induction hob on the market.

Lifestyles and culinary regimens have become more adaptive. People are increasingly expecting more from their homes, from space solutions to innovation. Ordine responds to this need with induction cooking plates that, like dishes, may be stored while not in use.

Ordine has various advantages in addition to being a space-saving solution:

Ordine exudes adaptability.
While cooking on the Ordine, it is simple to use many large pots at once. The freestyle layout enables the pots to be placed without being crowded or having bulky handles in the way.

Ordine bnnr scaled

Ordine embodies innovation.
Ordine was designed by the well-known Italian firms Fabita and Adriano Design. Both companies collaborated to build the Ordine by deconstructing induction hobs to produce a unique cooking element of two induction plates that enables the kitchen top to remain free. Fabita is a well-known Italian manufacturer of induction cooktops, vitro-ceramic hobs, and exhaust hoods. Adriano Design was formed in 1997 by Davide and Gabriele Adriano, two brothers. The Adriano Design Studio is known for reimagining and redesigning products. The 50+ design patents issued for their work demonstrate their dedication to innovation.

Ordine’s excellence extends beyond its materials to its specs.
Ordine has two spherical induction cooking plates in the middle and a power control device. A metal wall bracket holds the control unit in place while also suspending the individual frying plates. The Ordine Mono has a single induction plate and control unit.

Each round induction plate is 257 x 257 mm in size. They are linked to the control unit by a sturdy wire of a predefined length. The cooking plates from Ordine have a maximum power output of 3.6 kW. The user may choose from nine different power levels using touch controls. Controls include a timer, pause and recall, automatic shutdown, and a kid-lock.


The Ordine Isola is an alternate arrangement.
In this island form, a wooden holder is utilized. When not in use, the control unit folds back into the middle of the wood console, and the two induction plates stand upright. The design is straightforward, comes in a range of colors, and may be modified to your preferences.

Ordine radiates sophistication.
Ordine’s concept is simple, yet his execution is flawless. The four feet that surround the induction plate match the top strip, giving it a somewhat antique appearance. The beauty of Ordine is that its dimensions and arrangement can be tailored to your specific requirements. The central control unit’s touch screen displays cooking settings vertically and has beautiful lines. It is noticeable even if you are not exactly above it.

Ordine 2

Ordine is available in a range of color variations, enabling it to be stylishly placed in any kitchen. The use of black glass and chrome results in a classic contemporary style. The all-white piece will look great in bright, minimalist settings. The third option is more natural, with a wood touch panel and warm copper accents.

The design has a slight retro feel to it, making it appropriate for any kitchen.

Ordine places a strong value on safety.
Induction cooking uses magnetic energy to heat the pot rather than the cooking plate. Electromagnetic induction powers induction cooking. An alternating electric current is carried by a copper coil embedded under the glass or ceramic surface. As a consequence, a magnetic field is created.

When a ferrous metal cooking pot is placed above the magnetic field, an electrical current is created, which heats the pot. Unlike traditional electric or gas cooking, heat is generated entirely inside the pot, rather than on the cooking plate or burner.

Induction cooking heats up quickly and allows for fine temperature control. It is also extremely efficient, as 85-90 percent of the heat is used directly for cooking. Induction technology generates no heat on the cooking plate or burner.

Deconstruction adds freedom to design.
A traditional, huge fixed hob or stove is often seen as a required and essential component of a kitchen. It designates a room as a kitchen. When developing Ordine, none of this is taken for granted.


Ordine, on the other hand, is a broken-down hob. It has been deconstructed and is no longer bound. The cooking elements are no longer fastened to the countertop. Ordine frees up space by letting customers choose their own layout. Ordine Isola is an alternative arrangement with wooden or chrome support.

It is not even contained within a single room. Ordine can quickly convert any room into a cooking station. But only when and where necessary.

Ordine’s adaptive design will not take over a floor plan, making it also appropriate for co-working spaces, hotels, as well as bed and breakfast establishments.